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  " Magic of appreciation" My daughter, she is much passionate about art and craft and sketching and making cakes and dancing ......ahhaaa! I love watching her spending time with her passion and would like to adore her for this. Recently she learnt her new dance "Naino wale ne”. I always enjoy to see her rocking on the floor and used to keep appreciating and smiling when she dances which somehow proved to be great MOTIVATION for her. How I came to know that my response was confidence booster for her. Tell you ?? Wait ...I will share an incident. Few days later she was practicing her another dance "Barso re". Somehow, she was not satisfied with her steps and she told me, Mumma just be with me and help me to complete my dance." I am just amazed, "How can I?" I hardly know dance steps better than her. But I just be with her through her practice ...keep observing ...adoring and appreciating her when she did good. And yes...she compl